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Our Specialties

Dwelling Fire

This is our largest product line, it varies by state, we offer DP-3 (Special Form) and DP-1 (Basic Form) and Commercial Form ISO products through a number of different carriers. Our targeted markets include stand-alone dwellings that are not desirable to standard insurers because of age, condition, losses or other underwriting criteria.

Vacant Dwelling Fire

As a component piece of our dwelling offering, vacant properties are a specialty of ours. Be sure to look at our state-by-state analysis of our product offerings. Offering as many as four carriers and many unique coverages and endorsements, when you think of vacant properties... think of SUG.


Our products target owner or seasonally occupied homes that are not desirable to standard insurers, usually because of age, value or losses. Most of our homes are insured on an actual cash value basis, but we do also offer replacement cost, in some states.

Manufactured Homes

Our complementary markets offer the flexibility to insure any occupancy, including rental, tenant (contents) and vacant homes. We are also very competitive for large schedules of manufactured homes. There are not many of these for which we cannot offer coverage, so think of us always for manufactured homes.

Your Convenience

Our products are usually a small component of our retail agent customer's portfolio. Offering online rating, new application upload, direct bill payment plans and, for those who prefer, a quoting service from our office, our premium is service to you so that you can quickly and confidently place your business with us.